All the Baths in the World (by bike)
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Bath's Twin Towns
...and partner, sister and others

Bath sign again Bath (pop. 80,000) has four Twins:
Alkmaar, Netherlands (75,000)
A few miles north of Amsterdam, which it resembles in miniature because of its many canals, bridges and waterside lanes. Famous cheese festival held on Fridays in the summer
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Braunschweig, Germany (260,000)
East of Hannover, and a major regional centre of Saxony. A large university and manufacturing town, known in English as 'Brunswick'
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Bath UK: Roman Baths and Bath Abbey Kaposvar, Hungary (75,000)
A delightful and historic town south of Lake Balaton. Thermal spas in use and being further developed (only discovered 30 years ago). Twinned with Bath since 1989

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Aix-en-Provence, France (150,000)
Provence, southern France. Ancient town with many old buildings and a historic centre. Home of many high-tech small industries. Birthplace of Paul Cezanne. As Bath is about to do, Aix has just redeveloped its historic thermal spa

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Bath also has a Partner:
Beppu, Japan
On the east coast of volcanic Kyushu, the westernmost island of Japan, this tourist's delight of a spa town boasts boiling mudbaths of various colours!

and a Sister:
Manly, Australia
Virtually a suburb of Sydney, this beach resort was supposedly named by a Bath man on Capt Philip's arrival in Australia in the 1770s

Bath is linked in various ways with other towns. Bergen, in Norway, has no official ties but like Bath is a World Heritage city. It is also part of a 20-city European environmental forum, whose members include Venice and Vienna in addition to smaller places such as Delft (Netherlands) and Hamm (Germany). Finally, there is Bath's unique position as the home of Britain's only thermal springs, which makes it a counterpart to virtually anywhere with natural hot water: Rotorua in New Zealand for example.