All the Baths in the World (by bike)
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...are due to many people, including the following:

Rob's Dad, the late and much missed Tony Ainsley, Rob's mum Barbara, and Rebecca's Mum Valerie generously supported their wayward offspring with financial backing.

The employees of Future Publishing and, mainly, the friends of Tony Ainsley have so far raised over 3,000 for cancer research (specifically, for Imperial Cancer Research). Future Publishing are generously doubling that to 6,000. This wonderful figure is a measure of how well-loved and respected the man was. Particular thanks to Tony and Janet - lovely people who were great friends of my father's. Your generosity and kind thoughts are quite extraordinary. And to Chris Anderson, head of Imagine Media in the US, who also contributed big time. Thanks Chris!

Donald Boyd and the staff of Wereld Winkel in Delft, for a day of high jinks and good publicity for the shop.

Hanneke Schrijen, Robert Boek, the Mayor Mr Bandell, and the people of Alkmaar made our trip to this delightful part of Holland absolutely wonderful, with their enthusiasm and generosity.

Halina Zahorianskyj, the Mayor Mr Steffens, the Panthers Cycling Club and in particular Herr Sharffenberg, Raymond Verwoerd, and the people of Braunschweig for another memorable stay. And thanks too to Raymond and John for their instant Internet cafe.

Duncan, Marion and Manuela of Lilenthal - it was huge fun! See you again soon. Still recovering from the Bullenschluck (sp).

Annett Morche of the Leipzig Press Office gave us invaluable info for the Leipzig article for Classic CD, and opened lots of doors (such as the one into the Opera house...) - many thanks Annett, and hope you enjoyed London.

Imre Kercza of Somogy Hirlap, the daily newspaper of Bath's twin town in Kaposvar in Hungary, was a top man with some good stories and some splendidly vicious firewater.

Mirjana and her parents Ivan and Anna in Cakovec entertained us, made us extremely welcome, fed us great food from their garden, watered us with lovely wine from their vineyard, and gave us a much-needed opportunity for rest and calm. Mirjana also took us to see a lot of storks.

Marina Caitucoli and the people from Aix tourism made us very welcome in Provence. A wonderful town. Thanks too to Danielle, the manageress of the Sextius Thermal Baths, who provided a lovely session of treatments.

The following people showed kindness and hospitality above and beyond the call of duty during our Bath-bagging adventures:
Mark Pickard and Christine of Bath, New Brunswick
Ian Talbot of Bath, Ontario
Mica, Sally Trout and Jack Phillips of Bath/Lansing, Michigan
Lee Williams and the Aberdeen American News staff of Aberdeen, South Dakotak
Mark Warmowski and Tiffany of Bath, Illinois
Hector Rodriguez and Sharon of Bath, South Carolina
Barbara Modlin of Bath, North Carolina
Bill Hill and Trudy Maistros of Bath, Ohio
Kay and Dolores of Allentown, Pennsylvania
Susan J Webster and Tom Hall Bath/Berkeley Springs, West Virgnia
Darlene Chase, Jay, Willis Barney, Peggy Platnos, the other Peggy, Barbara Gibson, David Rouse, and just about everyone else of Bath, New York
Air Jamaica kindly bent the rules to let us fly to Kingston instead of Montego Bay, and even put us on a conveniently earlier flight. All this and champagne too, provided as standard for all passengers!
Delrose Roberts, headmistress of Bath School, Jamaica

We spent a whole week in Bath, Maine, and the least we can do is to thank the many people who were so generous with time, favours, good humour and food. Top of the list has to be Alan Long, who entertained us with wisdom, bike rides, guided tours, wine and wonderful food, and also managed to fix us up with everything from bikes to TV interviews. Our eternal gratitude; we can still taste those blueberries...
We got a great deal on accommodation from Bill and Debby of the excellent Packard House B&B. This is a great place to stay!
Scott of Seaspray Kayaks> supplied us with sea kayaks to explore Bath's beautiful coastline. An experience you must try!
Davis of Bath Ski and Cycle lent us two trekking bikes so we could zip round Bath's delightful coastal countryside.

In San Francisco we were put up, and put up with, by Andrew and Alice Valentine, and for extended periods by the long-suffering Paul Jasper and of course Pete Coe - congratulations on the wedding Pete.