All the Baths in the World (by bike)
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Baths of the World

Bath, England is, of course, the original place of that name - but there are plenty more, mainly in the US. Here are the ones we know about, roughly in size order. We're visiting all the US ones in the first category (towns and villages) and ignoring all the US ones in the second category. Sorry if you live there, but we make the rules...

US - towns and villages (11)
Bath, Maine

City, capital of Sagadahoc County, on Kennebec River. Harbour port with history, still important in shipbuilding, amid wonderful coast scenery
Bath, Maine web site

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Bath, New York State
Town-size 'village' (c. 1800), capital of Steuben County, southern NY, in rich agricultural area
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Bath, West Virginia
'Town' that's really part of Berkeley Springs. Resort area with hot springs, formed c. 1800

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Bath, Pennsylvania
Little town outside Bethlehem, once famous for its cement works
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Bath, Ohio
Bath, Maine web site

Village between Akron and Cleveland with very upmarket houses and an open-air village-life museum
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Bath, Michigan
Dormitory community for Lansing, MI, with an annual bath tub race!
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Bath, South Carolina
Former cotton mill town, part of Burnettown, in Horse Creek Valley
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Bath, Illinois

Village on Illinois River with huntin' shootin' and fishin', and four bars for 350 inhabitants
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Bath, North Carolina

Very historic little village dating back to 1705. Picturesque marina and lovely old town houses
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Bath, New Hampshire
Small village on Connecticut and Amonoosuc Rivers, with tow and a half covered bridges and a 'historic' souvenir shoppe
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Bath, South Dakota
A tiny settlement just outside Aberdeen, SD, of 180-odd, with a post office and a lot of grain silos
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US - other Baths
Bath, Kentucky

County in NE of state. Has once-famous mineral baths which gave the name. Rolling agricultural upland area
Bath, Virginia

County, supposedly which made the US Post Office change Bath, WV, to Berkeley Springs, WV, to avoid confusion
Bath, Minnesota
So small it doesn't show on my maps, and on the US census web site it's only a red blob in the middle of nowhere, so we're missing it out. Sorry.
Bath, Iowa
Same as above. Even Bill Bryson couldn't persuade me to go to Iowa
Bath, Ohio
...x2. Two suburbs, one of Dayton, the other of Lima, and where's the pleasure in that?
Bath, Indiana
Now shown on my road map as 'New Bath' and 'Old Bath', so no go. After all, New York and York are not the same thing.

Bath, Ontario
Historic village on Lake Ontario near Kingston. Established 1784 by United Empire Loyalists
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Bath, New Brunswick
Next to a Bristol. Friendly little village (pop. 653, it says!) on St John River
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A bath on the Gargano peninsula, SE ItalyJamaica
30 miles west of Kingston, an old thermal spa town with a hotel and some tourism

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St Kitts-Nevis
Bath, Nevis
That's 'neevis', part of St Kitts-Nevis in the eastern Caribbean. Another old thermal spa town, once famous with Admiral Nelson's lot

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A former sugar plantation, now a bathing beach favoured by locals and leaders of the Barbadian Opposition

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Collection of houses just north of Antwerp, near Bergen op Zoom, on the Schelde-Rhein cycle route

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Bath, Fife
A tiny hamlet just east of Clackmannan

There's also a Bath Springs, Alabama; and a Bath Island, part of Lahore in Pakistan. Plus, of course, Baden-Baden in Germany, Banos in Ecuador, etc. etc.... and, intriguingly, a 'Barth' on the coast of northern Germany, which is the way most people in the south of England seem to think the original one in pronounced.