All the Baths in the World (by bike)
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Press Coverage
A selection of the larger stories about the trip. There have also been dozens of smaller stories and mentions in local newspapers and local radio.

Rob is also writing articles about the trip as we go for the Bath Chronicle in England and the UK Japanese newspaper Eikoku News Digest.

Bath Chronicle
2 Feb 1999

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'Cyclist plans one-year charity trip - to Bath'
A one-page feature listing some of the trip destinations, with a photo of someone who looks a bit like me, only older

Hull Daily Mail
17 Feb 1999

'Bathtime is so near, so spa'
My home town's paper, glad for any departure from the usual stories of local deprivation, brutality and failure - and that's just the soccer team

The Times Record of Maine
10 Mar 1999

'English cyclist touring Baths around the globe'
...describing me as being in the 'tradition of English eccentrics'! I'll say I'm funded from the sale of my father's estate (a 1982 Lada)

Bangor Daily News
11 Mar 1999

'Bicyclist plans to visit every Bath on the planet'
Not the Bangor of Wales, or Ireland, but of Maine - hence me as eccentric again. Just as well; I doubt the Welsh or Irish would have been complimentary.

Hull Daily Mail
9 Apr 1999

'Singing star loses brave cancer battle'
My father Tony was diagnosed with cancer in January 1999; I decided to do the trip there and then. Partly out of a sense of seizing the day, partly to raise money for Cancer Research, partly as a sentimental return to Spittal in Austria, where he was stationed as a serviceman. Sadly he didn't live to get my phone call from his old haunts. He died on 8 April, peacefully, at home, with his family; this obit in the local paper gives some idea of how widely known, loved and respected he was.

Braunschweiger Zeitung
22 May 1999

'Tour de Bath' oder die Reise um die Welt
We had tea and cake with the mayor in Braunschweig. Very pleasant too, and the BZ reported on it, plus an account of the Baths idea which ended with the alarming news that we were to cycle to Kaposvar in Hungary by the following Monday... nice pic of us chatting to the mayor though (see Diary section)

Somogy Hirlap
1 July 1999

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Felfedezi a testvérvárosokat
The local paper in Kaposvar, south-west Hungary, did a picture story on us when we passed through. We understand the date and little more. (See Diary section)

Bath Chronicle
10 Aug 1999
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'French connections'
Article by Rob on what it's like having a massage session in the brilliant new thermal spa, Thermes Sextius, in Aix-en-Provence. A awful lot of jokes (rearrange these words to make grammatical sense....)

Hull Daily Mail
13 Aug 1999

'Looking to take another bath!'
An update on our progress while I was back home in Hull during August...

Stevenage Comet
11 Aug 1999

'Becky plugs the gap...'
...and an update on our progress while Rebecca was back home in Stevenage during August. But with a silly headline. And a nickname she hates.

The local paper in Aix
?31 Jul 1999

'Rob et Rebecca ont pédalé de Bath ŕ Aix pour lutter contre le cancer'
...or, 'Rob and Rebecca have pedalled from Bath to Aix in the battle against cancer'. A lively and appreciative article following our visit to the vibrant and cultured Eurotwin. Oddly enough they didn't print our comments on how delicious English beef is.

Morgan Messenger
15 Sep 1999

'Couple go from Bath to Bath'
The newspaper in Bath, West Virginia, did an article on us describing our journey. They managed to call Rebecca 'Lake' which, I suppose, is waterily appropriate.

The Times Record of Maine
24 Sep 1999

'Another day, Another Bath'
A rather grudging story, I can't help thinking, given that a party of golfers visiting from Bath, England at the same time got huge and rather dull front-page coverage. How much money did YOU lot raise for charity then, eh? EH?

The Littleton Courier
6 Oct 1999

'Journalists visit Littleton on global fund-raising cycle trip'
It may have been two weeks after we were there, but the people in New Hampshire's Littleton Courier here gave us a big story, and - clearly unaware of the traditions of local newspaper reporting - not only got the facts all right, but even printed our web site address correctly.

Rotorua Daily Post
13 Dec 1999

'Bathing round the world'
A splendid pic of us soaking our feet in the Polynesian, Rotorua's most famous hot spa, and succinct and accurate account of our trip - somehow compressed from our caffeine-fuelled ramblings in a coffee bar. If you're a UK newspaper, give young Harriet Logan, rookie reporter of Rotorua, a job NOW!

Daily Mail
29 Dec 1999

'We've enjoyed 17 Baths together in nine months'
Rebecca appears nude on tabloid page 3 shock... Well sort of. The Daily Mail - yep, the national daily - did us proud, with a full page story and seven pics from the trip. You can read the text here. The main one, of us in a New Zealand forest hot spring, has us without bathing cozzies, not that you'd know. The phones buzzed all day after this, including a summons for an interview on BBC Radio 5 Live...